Top 10 “Must See” Videos (+1)


#1)  Eat the Rich (Bill Whittle)

Tom Udall, big spender, wants to soak the rich. He, like others, is obsessed with the idea that some people have ALL the goodies and others have NOTHING. In this video, Bill Whittle takes ALL the rich people’s money and shows us what it pays for. It makes one wonder if confiscation of wealth is only part of the solution. Could it be remotely possible that lowering Federal spending might be at least PART of the solution to our countries growing economic malaise?


#2)  The Problem With Elitism (Bill Whittle)

Elitism is alive and well in Washington D.C. The Elites make the rules, give themselves titles and a good living, make rules that only working stiffs have to live by, and make sure that their children and children’s children continue serving themselves in the name of public service. The dynasties are legion: the Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Udall’s … The list goes on but the result is the same. Agendas are perpetuated and kids continue in the family traditions, crowding out talent, ability, and ideas that could make our country even greater. Political parties control who can get on the ballot, who can run for office, who gets the media scrutiny and fawning applause. Dissent is squashed, identity politics picks winners and losers, and we are left with corruption at the highest levels of office. When election time rolls around, consider voting for the newcomer. Transfusions save lives.


#3)  Capitalism vs. Socialism

In the old days we had Capitalism. Now we have crony capitalism where government helps big business and big business helps politicians. Laws are written by the people intended to benefit by them and government promotes socialism by spending all tax revenues plus all the borrowing and spending they can do on top of what they take from you and me. In the old days people earned what they got. Now people get what someone else earns and complains that it isn’t enough. Tom Udall plays the Socialist card. He helps big business, grows big government, spends big money, helps the rich get richer and the poor get cell phones and food stamps. He talks about taxing the rich but when he fixes it so they can make an easy million and then pay a few thousand more in taxes it just doesn’t seem right.


#4)  Dennis Kucinich Slams IRS’s “Political Targeting” of Tea Party and Patriot Groups

Even a progressive like Dennis Kucinich knows a rat when he sees one. When politicians begin to stand on the floor of the Senate and denounce American citizens for participating in the process (Harry Reid/Chuck Schumer – Koch Brothers) one has to fear. When Tom Udall from New Mexico sends a letter to the IRS to scrutinize Tea Party groups (including the Albuquerque Tea Party) one has to wince. When the U.S. loses dissent, loses the opportunity for all points of view to surface, then we have the Fascist state we now have where big government and big business call all the shots, control all the media, and use government agencies (IRS and EPA) to beat citizens into submission. That Tom Udall would persecute opponents is not unusual since he is a partisan Democrat who voters with the most liberal wing of his party over 95% of the time. What is unusual is that he has not been called on this by the Albuquerque Journal or any other news sources in New Mexico. Maybe this election cycle will feature some real reporting.


#5)  The Federal Reserve Has Been Audited! 16 Trillion Dollar Theft!

Why does the United States Government give their Constitutional authority to print money to a Private Corporation that is not audited? Why did a group of wealthy industrialists meet secretly to create the Federal Reserve that is the most powerful organization in the United States. The Federal Reserve controls the money supply and interest rates in the United States and the World. Why does Tom Udall applaud the Federal Reserve and refuse to push his party to pass an Audit the Fed bill on Harry Reid’s desk? Could it be that Tom likes the money he and his peers get from Wall Street to continue the current loose money policies that help the rich and kill the middle class?


#6)  Americans Accepting Control

How much CONTROL are you going to accept before YOU LOSE CONTROL?


#7)  Boiling Frogs (Bill Whittle)

This video needs no comments. It succinctly says what needs to be said by all of us and reminds us of our failures to protect those things that should be most dear.


#8)  The Vote Pump (Bill Whittle)

This video summarizes how the government spends your money. It summarizes the failed model for government that the past and present Congressmen, including Tom Udall for twenty years, have been blithely promoting. With their votes and carelessness, they have maintained themselves in office (both parties), lavished themselves with gifts and accolades (both parties), and have created a doomsday machine that will explode some day soon in your community. Watch for it.


#9)  The Largest Event in Human History

Worldwide, governments are swimming in debt, currencies are manipulated, and faceless bankers figure out where they want you. Our fiat money system, propped up by marketing and political sleight of hand, continues to decline in value. In America, we cannot sell bonds to foreign investors to support our lifestyle. So, instead of trimming our sails and returning to calmer waters, we print money, loan it to ourselves and our friends at favorable or no interest rates, and continue our pleasure cruises. Life is good, until it isn’t.


#10)  A Nation of Sheep (Judge Andrew Napolitano)

A History Lesson from Judge Andrew Napolitano.


+1)  John McCain: Americans Should “Accept” That Their Private Conversations are Being Monitored

John McCain ran for President of the United States and operates at the highest levels of our government. In this video he surrenders his obligations to protect American’s First Amendment Rights and asks us to give up our privacy and other Fourth Amendment Rights ,in all areas ,as a way to protect us from “terrorism”. As an ordinary citizen of the United States it seems to me that the burden of proof is on the government. Get a warrant if you think I am doing something wrong and get someone other than a Kangaroo Court judge to sign it. Don’t take away my business because I say something that you don’t like. Respect my rights to be able to say what I want to say even if you find it objectionable. John McCain is out of line in this interview. What he should have said was “We have a Constitution that protects Americans right to speak freely and their right to have privacy in their personal dealings. While I dislike what Mr. Sterling said, he has a right to say it. While it is a burden, the Federal government must follow procedures in in spying on its own citizens. Without a Bill of Rights, Americans have nothing.”