Tom Udall’s Letter to the IRS About Political Opponents

Nothing defines members of congress more accurately than how they vote on key issues. Far more often than not, you’ll find Tom Udall’s votes on the “wrong” side of important bills! Reference supporting article links below.

What This Letter Does:

This letter to the IRS from Tom Udall and
other Democratic Senators sought to bring closer scrutiny of political groups seeking 501c status under IRS rules. It was targeted at Tea Party groups who were growing across the country as grassroots citizens became alarmed and angry at the profligate spending of the United States government, the elitist attitudes of elected officials, and the erosion of our Constitutional rights, especially freedom of speech. The letter gave the IRS the go ahead to begin slowing down processing of legitimate applications for 501c status, personal information being leaked, audits of Tea Party members being called for by the IRS. The fallout from this letter is under investigation by Congress and the abuse of power by the IRS was real and well documented.

What Aids Middle America: “No Letter”

Congressmen are responsible to answer their critics, not run from them, or persecute them. We are losing our rights to free speech, our rights to assemble, our rights to protection from illegal searches, our rights to privacy. Tom Udall needs to not only listen to constituents who disagree with his liberal ideology, but needs to moderate his votes to reflect New Mexico’s basic conservative nature.

What Tom Udall Did: “He Sent the Letter”

The only individual rights that seem to matter to Tom Udall are the rights of those who
voted for him, give him money, and want to dictate to everyone else how they should behave,
think and live.