Tom Udall on the National Deficit/Debt

What Tom Udall Says:

“Throughout my public service career, I have maintained a commitment to fiscal discipline …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Never votes against raising the Debt Ceiling.

  2. Always decries opposition when they mention fiscal responsibility.

  3. Votes to expand government at all times in all places.

  4. Rated as “F” by the National Taxpayers Association, an independent non-partisan special interest group.

  5. Rated by Citizens Against Government Waste as “8%” showing his voting record for fiscal discipline is close to zero. This group is also a non-partisan special interest group.

  6. Has not voted for a budget in the Senate for five years straight because the Senate Majority Leader won’t vote on it and would rather create crisis around the economy to score political points against a Republican house.

  7. Does not support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

  8. Votes for ObamaCare, a new entitlement program, that has no cost controls when entitlement programs are already a serious threat to the economic health of the country.