Tom Udall on the Federal Reserve

What Tom Udall Says:

“Today’s a historic day … I look forward to seeing Janet Yellen become the first woman Chair of the Federal Reserve … She is a strong voice for working families.”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Voted “Yes” on Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernache, Janet Yellen (all proponents of loose money policies that help banks, the stock market, financial institutions, and the U.S. government spending binges).

  2. Votes “No” on Audit the Fed bill on Harry Reid’s desk (keeps knowledge about Fed’s activities from public scrutiny).

  3. Votes “Yes” for low interest rates (kills savers, favors borrowing and debt creation by the rich who have access to banks and capital).

  4. Votes “Yes” for devaluation of American dollar (deceases consumer buying power and allows for America to compete with foreign companies).

  5. Votes “Yes” for Fed compliant with Federal government’s need to support programs it can no longer do from traditional tax revenues.

  6. Votes for QE3 policies that make the Federal Reserve the largest holder of American debt by printing money out of thin air and then charging banks and institutions for borrowing it.

  7. Votes “Yes” for a PRIVATE corporation created in secret by wealthy industrialists in Georgia in the 1900’s.

  8. Votes “Yes” for ability to get cheap money to funnel into social entitlement programs and welfare aid for potential voters.

  9. Votes “Yes” for policies that kill the middle class and benefit those who have credit and access to money.

  10. Votes “Yes” to flood the economy with money that fails to stimulate the economy and create jobs (what happens when interest rates, now being manipulated, rise?)

  11. Votes “Yes” for a Fiat money system where money is backed by no tangible commodity. It is just equal to the faith people put in it.

  12. Votes “Yes” for a Federal Reserve that endangers the dollar as a world currency.