Tom Udall on the Economy

What Tom Udall Says:

“We must make the economy work for all of us. I believe it is crucial we help the middle class and worker class families so we can get back to responsible growth.”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Never vote against raising the debt ceiling which puts government under no pressure to manage money or set priorities.

  2. Demonizes the critics of stimulus spending, tax and spend, borrow and print money policies.

  3. Voted for increase of entitlement programs and welfare programs, increased defense spending that explode the National Debt from $5 trillion to $17 trillion in the last seven years.

  4. Voted “Yes” on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks.

  5. Voted “No” to ending tax havens and promoting small business.

  6. Voted “Yes” for higher taxes on all who pay taxes to finance Federal government that can’t live within its means.

  7. Voted “Yes” to expand government and protect government jobs while doing nothing for private enterprise.

  8. Voted “Yes” to $1 trillion worth of stimulus spending.

  9. Voted “Yes” to bailout of GM and Chrysler.

  10. Voted “Yes” to Cash for Clunkers.

  11. Voted “No” to Congress creating a budget for five years.

  12. Rated Big Spender by Taxpayers Association of America.

  13. Rated Big Spender by Citizens Against Government Waste.

  14. Rated 23% by U.S. Chamber of Commerce indicating anti-business stance.

  15. Rated 18% by National Federation Independent Business indicating anti-small business voting record.

  16. Voted for Dodd Frank that doesn’t regulate big banks or Wall Street, encourages big banks to get bigger by buying out little banks, still hasn’t prosecuted suit and tie guys who brought the U.S. government down in 2008, hasn’t done anything about the two government backed mortgage companies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that made bad loans and started the debacle of 2008.

  17. Voted to repeal the Glass Stegall Act that kept banks and stock brokerages separate and curtailed most of the fiscal excesses in the financial sector in the 2000s.

  18. Supports Federal Reserve policies that transfers money to financial sectors, the stock market, big corporations, and Wall Street.

  19. Trumpets green energy job creation while closing down New Mexico power plants and creating much greater job losses.

  20. Votes for Teachers Unions, Government Employee Unions, Private Unions, Lawyers, Climate change and environment groups at expense of business.

  21. Votes new government programs (ObamaCare) that increase the cost of labor and discourages hiring.

  22. Votes for excessive regulations through EPA, Dodd Frank, affirmative action, etc. that slow growth of economy.

  23. Votes for lose money policies by Federal Reserve that create inflation, drop the value of the dollar, and favor big corporations with big credit lines.

  24. Votes for pork for New Mexico but does nothing to move us out of being a dependency state that receives more money via the government than any other state in the union.