Tom Udall on States Rights

What Tom Udall Says:

“I’m for New Mexico …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Closes power plants in Farmington and eliminates electricity and jobs from the community.

  2. Bad mouths the oil Industry in New Mexico that pays lots of taxes and employs a lot of people.

  3. Seeks to annex hundreds of thousands of acres of land in southern New Mexico into Federal Control as a wilderness area which means drug cartels can bring their product into the U.S. without fear of law enforcement.

  4. Brings money to New Mexico which he calls “delivering for New Mexico” but brings no jobs, no industry and no viable options for a more independent, economically robust state economy.

  5. Develops windmills, solar power plants, biofuel options which, after they are built, creates no new jobs except for maintenance.

  6. Consistently votes for EPA regulation, business regulation that discourages business from moving to New Mexico, one of the least business friendly states in the country.

  7. Does most of his fundraising in Washington D.C. with less than half of his campaign contributions coming from in state.

  8. Devotes time and energy to cultivating the support of lawyers, public and private unions, Sierra Club and League of Conservation clubs whose headquarters are far from New Mexico.

  9. Promotes a takeover of private wells and water resources in the name of fighting drought.

  10. Lists Climate control as one of his main priorities despite fact that it is far down the list of what people worry about.

  11. Using New Mexico to promote his wilderness and nature agenda is more about pleasing his father than helping New Mexico.

  12. Splits his time between Santa Fe and Washington D.C., two symbols of government power and control.

  13. Does no town hall meetings except when he picks the guests thus eliminating critics to voice their complaints.

  14. Tom Udall does not represent New Mexico or any state. He stands for Federal dominance and Federal control of all state resources. He wants the Federal national government to supersede all rights of the states, make all decisions from the top down, and have citizens wait in line, take their medicine, and go to bed without any complaints.

  15. Votes most often with Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer who represent non-New Mexico interests. Most often votes like a Congressman from heavily urban areas such as New York, Massachusetts, California, Oregon (blue states) – not rural western states.