Tom Udall on Our Police State

What Tom Udall Says:

“The shooting death of James Boyd by Albuquerque police is very disturbing …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Votes for the creation of TSA, run by the Federal government that pats people down at airports, runs them through x-ray machines and violates their Constitutional rights to privacy from unwarranted searches. TSA now exercises their authority outside of airports in communities around the country.

  2. Votes for the creation if Homeland Security Administration, a name that has much in common with Nazi Germany. Homeland Security is heavily involved in militarizing local police departments, controlling guns and ammunition available to civilians, spying on American citizens all in the name of protecting us from terrorism.

  3. Votes for National Defense Authorization act which is outwardly a military funding bill. Deep inside the bill are sections that grant the U.S. government the option to arrest U.S. citizens without a warrant or due process and send them to holding sites.

  4. Votes for the John Brennan as the new CIA Director. The CIA is heavily involved in spying on Congress and heavily involved in hiding the facts about Bengazi and the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans.

  5. Votes for funding of the NSA Surveillance Operation that has been keeping files on all Americans phone calls, E-mails, and other communications.

  6. Heavily invested in supporting all activities of the Environmental Protection Agency which could easily be name changed to the Environmental Control Agency. Uses the EPA as a weapon against American citizens. Uses the EPA as a way to do what Congress will not vote to do – control resources, confiscate private property to be used for government projects and/or crony capitalism projects.

  7. Heavily invested in confiscating New Mexico State lands under the name of wilderness protection. Huge amounts of western land is controlled or managed by the Federal government and all monies derived from use of these lands is thus taken away from the states. The western states become slaves to western interests. Why is Tom Udall not trying to confiscate 600,000 acres of New York land to make a wilderness area?.

  8. Heavily invested in linking up Federal police agencies with local police authorities in collaborative training activities.

  9. Heavily supportive of Bureau of Land Management policies that bring the Federal government in direct conflict with local rural citizens (ranchers, farmers, hunters, recreational organizations).

  10. Heavily invested in mixing America up in international treaties to control climate, resource use, Agenda 21 authoritarianism and energy use.