Tom Udall on On the Dole

What Tom Udall Says:

“I want to make everyone comfortable, happy, content, and equal regardless of color, creed, work habits, education, ambition, class, education, or ability.”

What Tom Udall Does:

Tom Udall votes as much money as possible into all government programs and, once the revenues are spent, he feels no shame in raising the debt ceiling, printing money, then spending all that borrowed money so your kids can pay it off later.

The following are just some of the programs the Federal Government supports, funds, and continues. In our lifetimes there has never been a Federal program that has been cancelled for any reason.

  1. Nutrition Assistance (Food Stamps) – Free to all eligible based on income and family size.

  2. Unemployment Insurance – People receive money when laid off from job. Originally it was paid for by employers but recently the Federal Government has subsidized it because there are many people out of work and employers’ money has been extinguished.

  3. Housing Assistance – Known as Section 8 housing where part or all of peoples rent is paid for by the government based on income and family size.

  4. SSI (Social Security Disability) – Money given to disabled children or adults who have no income or resources.

  5. Social Security – Paid to retirees and/or disabled young who have paid into the system out of their paychecks during their working lives.

  6. Medicare – Health insurance for people 65 and older paid for by the government with some funds paid in by enrollees during their working lives.

  7. Medicaid – Health insurance for families and individuals with low income and resources.

  8. Aid for Families with Dependent Children (Welfare) – Money given to needy families with no income.

  9. National School Lunch Program – Free lunches and meals at schools across the country.

  10. Refundable Income Tax Credit – Money given to people who have not even paid any income tax in the first place.

  11. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac – Government backed mortgage companies that finance most of the new homes sold in the country and make subprime loans to people who cannot always afford houses.

  12. Sally Mae – government backed private company that makes student loans to college age students.

  13. Small Business Administration – Makes small business loans particularly to women and minority persons who want to start a small business.

  14. Agricultural Subsidies – Government pays huge amounts of money to farmers not to grow or helps them make money in down years for their crops.

  15. Electric/Gas/Water Utilities – Help for people who make no money.

  16. Medicare Prescription Drugs Benefits – Helps seniors pay for their prescriptions.

  17. Military Pensions – Paid to service members who have retired or been disabled in service.

  18. Government Pensions – Paid to government retirees whose pensions are much better than those of retirees in private enterprise.

  19. Corporate Welfare – Tax breaks both legitimate and illegitimate given by Congress to individuals or companies they favor.

  20. Foreign Aid – Welfare given to countries around the world whether they like us or not.

Note:  These are only a few of the benefits the U.S. Government passes out. The Federal government has had no trouble ringing up a $17 trillion dollar national debt and that doesn’t even include the benefits entitlement programs need to dish out to an aging population. The government is a huge nonproductive wealth distribution machine that takes money from producers and gives it to non-producers. Welfare can be money given to poor people who are down on their luck or rich people who game the system for big salaries and plenty of perks. It is no wonder that the U.S. is broke and headed for collapse.