Tom Udall on Healthcare

What Tom Udall Says:

“If you like your plan, you can keep it …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Goal should be universal healthcare for all provided by the government (paid for by redistribution of money from rich and middle class through taxes and printing, borrowing more money thru Federal Reserve and profligate Congress and Executive Branch).

  2. Every citizen over 55 can buy into Medicare (government becomes responsible for older people and more serious medical issues paid for by the working young).

  3. Medicare and Medicaid need to be expanded (more patients means longer waiting times, rationing of services, more cost, fewer doctors taking Medicare or Medicaid patients).

  4. Voted “No” to limiting malpractice lawsuits and capping damages (supports lawyers who are one of Udall’s biggest campaign contributors).

  5. Voted “No” to limiting prescription drugs on Medicare (supports drug companies who make more money for more pills prescribed).

  6. Voted “No” to allowing small business to band together to buy health insurance (eliminates private insurance).

  7. Voted “No” to suing HMOs.

  8. Voted “No” to subsidizing of private insurance Medicare and drug coverage.

  9. Voted “No” to banning physician assisted suicide.

  10. Voted “No” to tax exempt medical savings accounts (takes patient out of being responsible for their own care and negotiating for best prices on services they need).

  11. Voted for and supports ObamaCare and all the delays and changes occurring as the law unfolds and faces stiff opposition by a public that is losing coverage, seeing costs go up, seeing uninsured people still not being insured, and upsetting a medical system that worked for most people to deal with a small minority who were not insured.

  12. Rated at 89% by American Public Health Association for his pro-public health record (he has irrevocably damaged private health coverage in the U.S.).

  13. Continues his top down governing method whereby the federal government makes the rules, state and local communities are held accountable to follow those rules, Washington D.C. has another set of rules they play by and are unaccountable.

  14. In Tom Udall’s world everyone needs government healthcare whether they want it or not,have to sign up or pay a fine, have to be covered for services they don’t want or need, have to pay for rising costs with longer wait times for service.

  15. Continues his top down governing method whereby options are eliminated and the federal governments all or not, one size fits all approach is the only option an entire population has. Instead of allowing people come to the healthcare system in their own way, on their own budget, in their own time, everyone is put in line and marched down to the signup window, no complaints allowed.