Tom Udall on Gun Control

What Tom Udall Says:

“I agree with President Obama that we need to take meaningful action to protect our communities. Moving forward, every idea should be on the table. I will carefully consider any reasonable legislation that is crafted to help prevent future tragedies …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Lifetime rating of “D-” by the National Rifle Association.

  2. Consistently votes for national gun control measures despite Constitutional guarantees that the right to own guns shall not be infringed upon (2nd Amendment).

  3. Consistently tries to control guns in the hands of law abiding citizens through legislation that calls for more background checks, more waiting periods, limiting the kind of weapons people can own.

  4. Weak on addressing ways to cut down on gun control violence such as stricter laws and sentencing for those involved in crimes, breaking up gangs and criminal organizations, providing more mental health counseling, providing more gun safety and training for gun owners.

  5. Has no problems with military and police units having all the firepower they think they want.

  6. Wants the United Nations to have a say in what weapons are available in the United States to U.S. citizens.

  7. Rejects the idea that people who own guns want protection for themselves and their families from criminals and the government.

  8. Rejects the facts that gun control measures already in place in the country do not lower gun violence.

  9. Rejects the fact that guns have kept America free and, in the beginning, enabled citizens to fight a revolution for their freedom and sovereignty from an oppressive government.

  10. Votes for gun control even though national polls do not support that the public is for gun control or feels the government will enforce the laws fairly.

  11. Votes for gun control legislation on a national level even though individual states are choosing not to recognize federal authority to write such legislation.

  12. Votes against prohibiting lawsuits on gun manufacturers when their products are used in crimes.

  13. Accepts the goal that disarming the population is a giant step in regulating and controlling the country and bringing subjects into line.