Tom Udall on Family

What Tom Udall Says:

“Tom is fighting to change the ways Washington works and he is proud to stand up for New Mexico’s middle class …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Watches as working Americans watch their employers go under, move overseas, outsource jobs to foreign countries, hire illegal immigrants from all over the world to work cheaper here.

  2. Refuses to lower corporate tax rates so American companies can come back to the U.S., open factories and stores, and hire American workers. The corporate tax rate for business in the United States is highest in the world. American business also pays into healthcare, workers compensation, social security taxes and other payroll taxes that make them less competitive in a world economy.

  3. Fights for gays to have the right to marry when over 50% of straight couples get divorces.

  4. Provides assistance to teens who have babies out of wedlock, Section 8 housing that is lost if the woman gets married, food stamps that are bartered for gasoline, cigarettes and alcohol, Social Security checks for alcohol and drug abusers, tax rebates to individuals who don’t pay any taxes at all, and a marriage tax that charges married couples more income tax than they would pay if they were single.

  5. Expands medicare, medicaid, aid for families with dependent children which actually weaken the need for men and women to get married, stay married, stay together to raise children.

  6. Votes “Yes” to $70 billion for Section 8 housing vouchers.

  7. Votes “No” to promoting work and marriage to receive government assistance.

  8. Votes “No” to treating religious organizations equally for tax breaks (churches do all kinds of community outreach helping all people).

  9. Votes “Yes” to preferential hiring of minorities and women even if they are not the most qualified for the jobs they are seeking.

  10. Supports public and private unions even though New Mexico is a Right-To-Work state.

  11. Votes for legislation that doesn’t make New Mexico a business friendly state and causes companies and business from locating in New Mexico and creating jobs.

  12. Promotes renewable energy that is not cost effective and raises energy costs for poor people.

  13. Voted for Cash for Clunkers which took a lot of transportation cars off the road, the kind of cars working people drive.

  14. Watches from the sidelines as the middle class has taken a hosing by government policies that help the rich, pass out money to the poor, and taxes the middle class through higher cost for gasoline, food, utilities, and housing.

  15. Votes for ObamaCare that causes business to lay off full time workers, hire part time workers to avoid paying health insurance costs.

  16. Votes for Federal Reserve policies that keeps interest rates close to 0% and punishes those who have saved all their lives.

  17. Votes to increase milage requirements for automobiles which increases their cost and makes them more dangerous.

  18. Votes for ObamaCare that causes the middle class to lose their insurance, lose their Doctor, lose their coverage.

  19. Votes for maintaining high Social Security taxes for persons owning their own business – 15% of their taxable income. This stops many people from starting a business and represents a huge tax.

  20. Continues to resist giving people control of the money they put into Social Security which could help them and their families as they grow older.

  21. Votes against insurance reforms that could make lower cost insurance vehicles available to people.

  22. Decimates the American family by devaluing the currency, increasing the cost of good and services, and taxing all income that would be better left in the wallets of those who earn the money.

  23. Votes for a growing police state that puts poorer people in danger even when they are law abiding citizens.

  24. Rated 15% by the Christian Coalition indicating an anti-family voting record.

  25. Talks the talk on the middle class, but doesn’t walk the walk.