Tom Udall on Energy

What Tom Udall Says:

“America needs a do it all, do it right energy policy to take on the twin threats of climate change and foreign oil …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Votes for renewable electricity standards for public utilities (public utilities are forced to generate electric from green energy alternatives that are more expensive and drive up the cost of power to consumers).

  2. Votes “No” to barring the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases (shuts down operating power plants that cuts the supply of energy and jobs to local economies).

  3. Votes “No” on protecting middle class taxpayers from national energy tax (big government, big spender).

  4. Votes “No” on a Senate bill requesting full debate and a vote on Cap and Trade (doesn’t want to be accountable for his beliefs).

  5. Votes “Yes” to tax credits for conservation and renewable energy (subsidizes non-competitive industries with taxpayer money).

  6. Votes “Yes” to criminalizing OPEC (votes against the worldwide supply demand pricing of oil).

  7. Votes “Yes” to removing oil and gas exploration expenses (seeks remove legitimate costs of doing business).

  8. Votes “Yes” to moratorium on drilling offshore (keeps America from oil reserves).

  9. Votes “No” to permitting oil refineries (pushes price gasoline up due to lack of capacity to manufacture gas for vehicles that meet new EPA standards).

  10. Votes “No” to construction of new oil refineries (no new refineries built in the U.S. in the last 50 years resulting in loss of good paying jobs).

  11. Votes “No” to construction of nuclear power plants (cheapest source of electric energy).

  12. Votes “Yes” to shutting down coal industry (closes power plants, mandates unreasonable air standards).

  13. Votes “No” to passage of Bush national energy policy (rejects a national energy strategy).

  14. Votes “Yes” to raising Cafe standards (raises mileage requirements for new cars resulting in lighter smaller cars that kill more Americans).

  15. Votes “No” to drilling in Alaska.

  16. Votes “Yes” to Kyoto Protocol (worldwide attempt to charge developed countries money for using energy and transferring money to undeveloped countries that do not use much energy).

  17. Votes “Yes” to taxable emissions permits for greenhouse gases (another tax scheme to fund government programs and buy votes).

  18. Votes “Yes” to regulate wholesale electricity and gas prices (bring resources under national government control).

  19. Is against the Keystone Pipeline (repeatedly found to be safe and wanted by the states it will go through for the jobs and economy boost it will bring).

  20. Is against fracking which is helping the U.S. become energy independent, creating an oil boom despite the Federal government, bringing revenue and jobs to energy producing states like New Mexico.

  21. Threatens oil companies with windfall profits taxes. Their profit margins are under 10% and drilling for oil takes huge capital investments and risk. Says nothing about tech companies who routinely maintain profit margins in excess of 30% and have much smaller capital investments.

  22. Rated 100% by CAF, a group that lobbies for energy independence.