Tom Udall on Education

What Tom Udall Says:

“We believe all Americans should have an opportunity to fulfill their potential … Public schools offer the best option.”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. Rated 92% by N.E.A. (public schools union).

  2. Opposes school vouchers and home schooling.

  3. Believes school curriculums should be determined at national standardized level though this is not constitutionally a Federal job.

  4. Voted for No Child Left Behind, stated that NCLB hurt student achievement, Voted against NCLB.

  5. Supports Common Core (Federal takeover of education curriculums).

  6. Votes for public school unions, receives campaign funds from public school unions.

  7. Supports charter schools because they are still managed by the public schools.

  8. Supports massive growth in Special Ed/Alternative Ed services in the public schools that drain money from regular education students and also increases the lawsuits against public schools from disgruntled parents of special needs children who need very expensive and individualized education programs.

  9. Doesn’t support home schooling.

  10. Doesn’t support using Federal money to send children to private schools even though most Congressmen send their children to private schools.

  11. Doesn’t support Federal money used to send children to religious schools despite their rigorous programs and student success rates.

  12. Supports public education despite falling test scores, violence on campus, secular curriculums, and antiquated teaching methods.

  13. Voted against popular voucher program in Washington D.C. for minority youths.