Tom Udall on Class Warfare/Middle Class

What Tom Udall Says:

“Tom is fighting to change the ways Washington works and he is proud to stand up for New Mexico’s middle class …”

What Tom Udall Does:

  1. As a Congressional big spender, Tom Udall triples the National Debt during his time in office to $17 trillion dollars and counting.

  2. As a Congressional big spender, Tom Udall spends ALL the U.S. government’s tax revenues, borrows 50% more, and spends that too.

  3. As a Congressman, Tom Udall votes to raise the debt ceiling every time and boasts he is for fiscal responsibility.

  4. As a Senator, Tom Udall has never pushed for a balanced budget, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, or a drop in Federal spending.

  5. Tom Udall continues the Federal governments raid on the Social Security Trust Fund and continues the generational Ponzi scheme where the young pay for the old, first Social Security, then healthcare.

  6. As a Congressman, has promoted a situation where 50 million Americans are on food stamps.

  7. As a Congressman, has not stopped outsourcing of American jobs, made it more expensive for American companies to stay in the U.S. and hire U.S. workers than move overseas, fear returning with jobs to the U.S. because of tax liabilities.

  8. As a Congressman, Tom Udall has voted to increase work Visas for foreigners who compete for American jobs.

  9. As a Congressman, Tom Udall has voted for policies that make part time work the new full time work, regulate and tax small business who hire most Americans, and use the power of the government to make cushy loans to his favored industries and punitive taxes on his loathed industries.

  10. As a Congressman has pushed for growth of all levels of government and seen a shrinking of private enterprise employment.

  11. As a Congressman who has passed legislation that favors big banks and helps big banks get bigger and small banks get consolidated thus affecting credit lines for local business in their communities.

  12. As a Congressman, unemployment has risen to historical highs and corresponding government help for the unemployed has also risen.

  13. Since he’s been in Washington, the tax burdens on the middle class have risen substantially.

  14. Since he’s been in Washington, wages have stagnated and the value of the dollar has declined which affects the amount of items your paycheck will buy.

  15. As a Congressman has supported big corporations, big banks, big Wall Street that all contribute to his war chest.

  16. As a Congressman, wants to see National Service become a new social invention and wants to eliminate global poverty.

  17. As a Congressman, passes legislation that helps the rich get richer, redistributes more money to the poor, and squeezes the middle class.

  18. As a Congressman, supports anmesty for illegal immigrants which affects jobs in the U.S. traditionally done by the middle class.

  19. As a Congressman, votes to prop up failed American companies (General Motors) that didn’t make products people wanted to buy.

  20. Pushes for the goals of public and private unions who negotiate fantastic retirement perks,good health and wages, at the expense of private enterprise.

Note: Tom Udall has never been for the middle class. Passing laws that help the rich get richer and then taxing them more can never take the place of actually helping the middle class. Dumping a huge National debt on the young is hardly a responsible activity. Requiring the young to take a government health plan and pay for older people that have resources is hardly a fair idea. Refusing to Audit the Federal Reserve which helps the elites is always questionable. Voted repeatedly to give people something for nothing is always a bad idea.