Questions For Tom Udall: Healthcare

  1. You voted for Obamacare and said people could keep their doctor and their plan. It is now very clear that that was and is a lie, which you knew. Why did you lie?

  2. Obamacare is not affordable and the U.S. government, through the IRS, will penalize Americans for not taking a program they didn’t want. How is that Constitutional?

  3. You believe in a single payer monolithic healthcare system owned and managed by a federal government that has rung up 17 trillion in debt and can’t come up with a budget. Are you out of your mind?

  4. Insurance companies and lobbyists for the health industry wrote this Obamacare. This is crony capitalism at its best. Are you going to support a bailout of insurers when not enough young people sign up for the plan to support the older and sicker?

  5. Obamacare is forcing people to have coverage they don’t even need and pay for services they don’t need. Obamacare is forcing religious groups to provide contraception and abortion services despite their religious objections. This is definitely wrong. What gave you the idea that this is acceptable?

  6. A big part of increasing medical cost is due to lawsuits and doctors and medical equipment makers protecting themselves from lawsuits. You refuse to vote for tort reform. You are supported by lawyers. Is this a problem?

  7. Where in the Constitution does Congress have the authority to demand every citizen buy a product or service against their free will?

  8. Medicaid is funded by taxpayers and provides a 100% free care to people who have no money. Medicaid is expanding. Medicare is also paid for by taxpayers but enrollees pay 20% out of pocket for charges. This means those that pay don’t have a better plan than those who don’t? Where is the fairness?

  9. Congress has exempted themselves from Obamacare. This is not cool. Are you saying this isn’t good enough for you but is for us?

  10. States have chosen not to allow Obamacare in their state and are taking the U.S. government to court. Shouldn’t you have considered states before you jammed this national plan down everyone’s throats?

  11. Why didn’t you just create a series of government hospitals in each state to take care of indigents? It would have solved the problem cheaper. The hospitals could have been staffed by doctors who got their education sponsored by the government and would provide service free of lawsuits?

  12. The VA, a government medical system, has been under fire for substandard service. How does this give the public confidence in a government run system for all?

  13. Catastrophic insurance has become difficult to get, much as it was before. This seems to have been a solution to rising costs by having people take care of small costs and being insured against large and unforeseen medical events? Why did you vote to eliminate a product that was useful?

  14. Why do people pay private insurance most of their young healthy lives and when they get 65 they are automatically put into Medicare and the services are paid for by the government – i.e. taxpayers?

  15. Do you understand the danger of having medical records in government hands when government computers are hacked daily and government agencies are used to persecute people who don’t go along with the party line (IRS)?

  16. Many doctors are not interested in working for the government. They want to have patients, develop their own business and work with patients in their own offices. Many are not able to provide services at the price the government will pay. They are leaving the field. What happens when there aren’t enough doctors?

  17. The FDA has a dramatic effect on the cost of healthcare because they must authorize every new drug used in the U.S. and we use a lot of drugs. There are many drugs and procedures adopted in the world that are not used here and lots of them are natural cures. Why does the FDA have a war on homeopathic medicine?

  18. Obamacare is a construction of your Democratic Party. It has been fought ever since Hillary Clinton tried to do it. This was and is a completely partisan bill. The polls show it is very unpopular. Republicans had ideas but were not allowed to input them. You own this bill. Defend it?

  19. What do you say to a citizen who has lost their plan, lost their Doctor, lost their freedom of choice?

  20. When healthcare is free, people have no reason to change their behaviors. If I am not paying, like to smoke cigarettes, am on oxygen, and don’t have to pay for my bad choices why should I?

  21. In a race to test kids we have kept them from physical activity. How is this helping the countries health?

  22. The federal government, through crony capitalism, has been working with large agribusiness to genetically modify food with the results largely unknown on humans who eat the food. Where do you stand on GMOs?

  23. There has been many cases of food recalls, food poisonings, and unsafe foods in the last few years. Keeping an eye on food prep does seem like a thing for the federal government to be involved in. With big business and big government so busy patting each other’s backs and with their hands on each other’s wallets, how can a consumer know that what he is eating is safe and healthy?

  24. Big pharmaceuticals rule the U.S. health battle. They contribute mightily to your campaign. Don’t your complaints about businesses giving campaign donations sound a little hollow?

  25. Why can an American buy the same drug in Mexico or Canada that he uses in the U.S. for a fraction of the price?

  26. Marijuana is used by millions in the U.S. The Drug War obviously has failed. You supported the Drug War that gave large sums of money to law enforcement agencies and made them dependent on the federal government instead of local control. As a result, we have a developing police state that takes our freedoms daily. Do you support legalization of marijuana?

  27. With government healthcare will we have the opportunity to sue the government?

  28. Healthcare is a personal and private decision. You have made it a public and impersonal decision. Do you acknowledge that people have real reasons for fighting this intrusion you created?