Questions For Tom Udall: Energy

  1. Your campaign speeches say you are for a balanced energy program. You vote and promote windfall profit taxes on oil companies, vote against Keystone Pipeline, refuse to support off shore drilling, send the EPA in to stop fracking, hold hearings with oil execs to interrogate them on business practices, close down coal plants in New Mexico that provide low cost electricity to low income families. How can you have the nerve to say you are for a balanced approach to energy?

  2. Is it better to develop our energy resources in the U.S. or send trillions of dollars to Middle Eastern countries that hate us and train terrorists with our own money?

  3. Wouldn’t the revenues from increased oil production improve our country by providing immediate well-paying jobs and tax revenues for local economies?

  4. There is little drilling on public lands managed by the federal government. The permitting process has been made more difficult. Why do you support a policy that hinders private enterprise from using our countries natural resources?

  5. You believe in alternative energy sources. However, you have not pushed the development of nuclear energy. We have nuclear plants in this country that are still operative. Why has there not been one new plant built in the last fifty years?

  6. Natural gas is plentiful in New Mexico. Instead of pushing for cars that are lighter, more dangerous, that get better mileage why aren’t you pushing to see companies moving our cars to use natural gas instead of gasoline?

  7. Ethanol, which you voted for and support, is a very expensive fuel alternative that has not been successful. The process of making ethanol played havoc with food supplies in countries abroad that import our corn and may have played a part in the unrest there. When are you going to stop ethanol subsidies?

  8. You recently voted to increase the exportation of liquefied natural gas from New Mexico. This is a process that requires the construction of plants as large and environmentally intrusive as oil refineries which you have fought for your career. Why did you vote for a policy that is contrary to your environmental voters?

  9. Instead of fighting the coal industry why haven’t you pushed for more money for research to improve the technology so we can use our most abundant fuel source?

  10. You vote and push for national energy standards that require all states to generate more electricity from alternative sources. Why should a state like New Hampshire that has less sun have to generate the same amount of electricity from solar that New Mexico does?

  11. Do you believe in nationalizing the oil industry in this country?

  12. The U.S. Department of Energy was created to stop the situation we are now in which is importing well over half of our energy from abroad. Would you sponsor a bill to eliminate the Department of Energy?

  13. A large amount of the cost of gasoline is federal taxes. To help poor people in these troubled times will you support a bill to lower taxes on gasoline which are very unfair and go against your strong support of progressive taxation and the idea that those who have more need to pay more?

  14. Do you want the U.S. to be energy self-sufficient?

  15. You are heavily supported by the solar, wind, geothermal industries. You have voted for federal government loans and subsidies to these companies (Solyndra). A number of these companies have gone bankrupt or been sold to foreign companies after receiving substantial loans backed by the taxpayer. What do you say to a taxpayer who is now responsible for these bad loans?

  16. Oil companies make money because they sell a product that is needed by many people. It is expensive to find the product and bring it to market. Yet, the profit margin of these companies is under 10% and closer to 6%. The profit margin for Google is well over thirty percent. Why don’t you want to tax Google more?

  17. How is global warming going to improve if we sell our coal to China to be burned in hundreds of their plants? Why should we starve ourselves by outsourcing cheap energy and manufacturing jobs to other countries who are our competitors? Is clean air more important than jobs?

  18. Europe is already backing away from green energy. Why do you suppose they are doing this?

  19. Obviously, you get money and votes from environmentalists and green energy groups. You vote and promote their issues in exchange for their votes and campaign support. You reward these companies with government tax credits, government loans, and government support. This would make you a crony capitalist. Is this any different than those Congressmen who promote fossil fuels?

  20. Oil spills are not good but can be controlled if companies follow procedures. The BP spill occurred because government inspectors were not keeping close enough tabs on the oil company. Does fear of a spill mean we should not drill in the Gulf or Offshore where much of our oil resources are?

  21. Conservation is a good goal. Instead of passing legislation concerning the kinds of lights we use and toilets we flush, wouldn’t it make more sense to give citizens tax breaks for using less electricity instead of punishing them for using more?

  22. You are on a number of energy committees. Our electrical grid is aging and we experience blackouts in summer in bigger cities. Why hasn’t Congress renovated our electrical grid?

  23. Polls indicate Americans want to develop our fossil fuel resources. You continue to vote against their wishes. Isn’t your job as a Congressman to represent your constituents rather than those of other states who are not energy producers?

  24. Abundant, affordable energy is critical to a vibrant economy. You promote and vote consistently to constrict supply and run up cost. How does this help our economy?