Questions For Tom Udall: Education

  1. Public schools face challenges in the U.S. You have refused to give parents a choice to see their children educated where they wish through educational vouchers. Why is school choice a sticking point with you? Why do you believe in schools that are not, and can’t be, more responsive to modern students?

  2. You are supported by and support teachers unions. You vote to plow more money into federal involvement with schools which is not a Constitutional duty of the federal government. When are you going to vote for local control of schools and get the federal government out of a situation where they look increasingly like propaganda masters?

  3. You voted for No Child Left Behind which was the greatest intrusion into education in some time. You later said NCLB hurt student achievement. Why did you vote for this bill when critics foretold exactly what was going to happen?

  4. Special Education has cost a lot of money and some schools have to divert money from regular education to pay for special ed services that are expensive, require special equipment and staff and have limited benefits. Is this a good use of federal funds?

  5. You believe in Common Core which is rewriting curriculum to your political agenda. Why do you think parents do not want Common Core?

  6. Did you go to public schools?

  7. Did your child go to public schools?

  8. A great deal of anger has been caused by your votes to provide alternative lifestyle sexual education curriculum in schools. Why should the state restrict religion in schools but force schools to adopt secular ideas about sexuality?

  9. Student debt is incredibly large. You have facilitated loans to students who leave school with crushing debt, a college degree, and no job. These loans are often guaranteed by the federal government. Are you going to vote to bail out these loans which would be a slap in the face to students who worked their way through school and pursued a major with employment prospects?

  10. Why do you vote to grant foreign students special Visas that let them graduate from U.S. Universities and then compete with American graduates for the same jobs?

  11. You have voted for affirmative action for years for women and minorities. This was noble enough in the beginning but now highly qualified applicants who are not women or minorities are routinely refused admittance to medical school. How is this any more fair than the previous system of exclusion just because of skin color? It seems to be the same thing – discrimination because of race, color, creed.

  12. Would you support block grants from the federal government to local schools who pursue innovative and successful education programs?

  13. What do you feel are the factors affecting education in the classroom these days?

  14. What do you feel the public schools should be teaching; college prep, vocational, morality, life skills, entrepreneurship, citizenship, academic skills?

  15. Why do we need a U.S. Department of Education when the Constitution makes education a local concern?

  16. Why do you continue to vote for early childhood programs when studies show consistently that they are not effective and gains are lost once kids get in regular school?

  17. Why do you continue to allow the children of non-citizens who don’t speak English to attend schools?

  18. The U.S. Attorney General has recently suggested that minorities are unfairly disciplined in school. Do you feel this is true?

  19. The federal government pays for school lunches for an increasing number of students. Is this a federal responsibility?

  20. There are huge dangers for a country that lets the federal government intrude into education. What are some dangers you see?

  21. There seems to be a need for morality in the U.S. Why do you believe in keeping religion out of the schools?

  22. It seems that Universities in the U.S. are very intolerant of speakers and students who do not espouse liberal theory. Should they be getting federal dollars when the Constitution grants freedom of speech?

  23. Educating the young is one of the most important tasks of one generation for the following generation. What should children born today be taught so they can be successful in their futures?

  24. You voted against a successful minority school in Washington D.C. getting money for vouchers to increase their enrollment. Why would you make this vote?

  25. The federal government has been working for decades to integrate schools. Would you still give federal funds to a school that wanted to remain un-integrated?

  26. Would you submit a bill to set aside money for scholarships to any student who met strict academic standards and call the fund “American Scholarship Fund?”

  27. Do you believe the public schools should test students in eighth grade and, on the basis of those tests, track kids into college prep, trade schools, or training for jobs?