No Child Left Behind Act

Nothing defines members of congress more accurately than how they vote on key issues. Far more often than not, you’ll find Tom Udall’s votes on the “wrong” side of important bills! Reference supporting article links below.

What This Bill Does:

This bill brought the Federal Government into every school in the United States. Education is not a Federal duty ,as defined by the Constitution, but they persist in trying to make it so. The bill mandated Federal testing of all students to test progress and, with the stroke of a pen, determined that No Child Would be Left Behind. Since all children learn at different rates and have different aptitudes for learning this bill was a failure from the start. Even the ideas that learning is simply showing students can answer test questions is questionable. Learning is not just knowing the dots; it is knowing what the connected dots mean and being able to connect the dots when the picture they make is not always easily discernible.

What Vote Aids Middle America: “No”

Most Americans like their individual schools and, if they don’t, want the option to have vouchers and send their children to a place they like better. Most Americans want to go to their local Parent Teacher Association and have control over what books are read in their local classrooms. They reject the Federal indoctrination system in favor of a state indoctrination system that they have some say over. Passing a Federal Law and running students through tests is not going to improve the education system, and, it didn’t.

What Tom Udall Voted: “Yes”

Tom Udall wants Federal control of schools, national standards in a one size fits all, top down
hierarchy. He doesn’t fear the government control over curriculum because it is his ideology and ideas he wants kids to learn so they too will vote for his brand of politics. Tom Udall supports public schools, opposes vouchers, and still believes that the Federal government has the answers to all our needs, problems, and desires.