Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Nothing defines members of congress more accurately than how they vote on key issues. Far more often than not, you’ll find Tom Udall’s votes on the “wrong” side of important bills! Reference supporting article links below.

What This Bill Does:

This bill moves forward with the plan to build a pipeline through five U.S. states to carry oil products from Canada to refineries in Texas. The project has been drug on over five years by the Obama Administration even though studies after studies have concluded that the project will have no impact on climate or environment. The pipeline will bring revenues and jobs to those in the states it goes through and will provide energy to the U.S.

What Vote Aids Middle America: “Yes”

Polls show that Americans, by a good margin, favor construction of the pipeline. The state of technology has improved dramatically over the years and the country is riddled with all kinds of pipelines carrying all kinds of materials. It seems logical to create a pipeline to move oil products because, unlike ships or railroad cars, a pipeline is easier to monitor and ensure safety. The oil products will be sold somewhere in the world and it may as well be here. It ensures that we have an energy supply and are not dependent on OPEC countries and Middle East Wars. It has already been determined safe and the states involved want the pipeline.

What Tom Udall Voted: “No”

This votes against all the jobs and businesses that would be created in communities where the pipeline goes. This votes against current information that says the pipeline will have no major impact on climate or the environment. This votes to continue a stranglehold on energy development in the United States. This reflects Tom Udall’s desire to kill an energy industry that provides 90% of the energy requirements of this country so he can develop alternative eneergy that provides 10% of the U.S. energy needs.