Confirmation of Regina McCarthy: Administrator of the Environment Protection Agency

Nothing defines members of congress more accurately than how they vote on key issues. Far more often than not, you’ll find Tom Udall’s votes on the “wrong” side of important bills! Reference supporting article links below.

What This Vote Does:

This vote was to confirm President Obama’s nominee to become head of the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the most intrusive and powerful agencies in the Federal government. The EPA has had countless conflicts with American citizens, has been involved in countless lawsuits, has held up economic development in communities across the country. While they do some protection of the environment, their main mission, at the moment, seems to be to try to regulate all human activity on U.S. soil and have a direct say about where you live, what you can do on your private property, and how much resources you are allowed to consume as a living breathing being. Ms. McCarthy has misled Congress before and has been quoted as saying that President Obama should push his climate agenda whether Congress votes to do so or not, clearly unconstitutional because it takes voters out of the equation.

What Vote Aids Middle America: “No”

While Americans want rivers clean and dumps re-claimed, there is no overwhelming desire to see the government take control of all water resources, wrap up all lands under a Federal Wilderness designation, or even shut down all coal power plants. There are things the EPA can do that are welcome and needed. It is just the agencies use of power to seize private property, stop Americans from using their land in a responsible way, and regulating all land, food, water, energy, and air that goes against the grain.

What Tom Udall Voted: “Yes”

As usual, Tom Udall supports the President of his party and supports the entire concept of climate change. He seeks a National solution to local problems and brings local communities directly into conflict with the government. This creates litigation and income for lawyers who are his biggest supporters. Ms. McCarthy is an Administrator who will pursue her ideology to the detriment of all who get in her way. The EPA is Tom Udall’s most effective club for pursuing his family goal of making every inch of America protected land.